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We are Shibumi

Many of you will wonder who is behind this initiative that is called Shibumi, where it is born and why now. In this space we are going to try to clear some doubts about it.

Shibumi is co-directed by Pedro Martín and Juanma Zarzo, both teachers of traditional budô.

But this is not the first literary adventure in which they collaborate, since their path in letters begins a few years ago when they join their efforts in two essay books on martial arts; Hikari, looking for the light and Budô, humanist and illustrated, two works published by the Shinden publishing house in Barcelona.

At Shibumi we believe that there is a lot of talent to share, that is why we open our project and allow ourselves to be accompanied by a team of collaborators who will add ideas and opinions, thus expanding the horizon of our project.


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Pedro Martin

Editing line

He began his studies of budô in 1976.

He has been teaching traditional Karate, Aikidô and Katori Shintô ryû for over thirty years.

He is the director of Kenshinkan dôjô, a Budô and Bujutsu school located in the city of Badajoz.

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Art direction

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He began his studies of budô in 1995.

Based in Badajoz, he combines his work as a photographer with the practice and teaching of traditional karate and kobujutsu.

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